Care Package for Friday, March 20, 2020

The Care Package has evolved again, this time to throw a little bit of help into the chaos of our new, COVID-19-impacted world. It ain’t much, but hopefully it’ll help somebody.

Hang tough, be kind, and take care of each other. Know that you are loved. 

Information: Here’s one for the kiddos who are having a hard time with the new world they live in. We watched this video in the classroom I work in, and the student reacted positively to it. Tim and Moby are great characters who explain COVID-19 in gentle, age-appropriate ways, while still integrating some silly stuff.
BrainPOP: Coronavirus

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Inspiration: Virtual Box of Good Stuff: Inspiration and information for days of social distancing

Turnabout is fair play. My friend Sarah Jo Willey Marcotte gave me an incredibly sweet shoutout on her new blog today and made me cry a little. So this one’s for her. Sarah Jo has one of the bigger hearts you’ll find in the world, and she’s putting it into this blog she started a couple days ago. Make this part of your daily mental diet.

Healthy, Easy, Cheap: Saucy Bean Baked Eggs

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Self-Care: No link. Just a couple quick thoughts. I was looking up some self-care information, and I came across a comment: “Isn’t self-care a girly thing?” No, dude. It’s a human thing. We all need it. Unfortunately, the constructs of society (which are quickly falling to the wayside, BTW) suggest it’s not manly to engage in self-care. But that’s bullshit, bruh! Go do some yoga, practice pilates, find a quiet spot to meditate. AND CRY IF YOU NEED TO! IT’S OK!!!

Chill Out: Music for Stress Relief, Classical Music for Relaxation, Instrumental Music

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