Ethan Dezotelle is an author and full-time behavior interventionist. His primary writing focus is novel-length YA paranormal fiction, but he has plenty of other ideas, too. That’s what this website is for. He hopes to publish his first novel within the next year or two. Fingers crossed.

Ethan has two sons, a daughter, and a step-daughter, all of whom have built up a considerable tolerance for dad jokes. He also has a wife who deals with way more nonsense than she deserves. Also in the mix is Sally the pekingese, two cats Ethan could do without, and one cat that’s mostly ok.

Ethan works full-time as a behavior interventionist. Over the years, he has been a newspaper editor and reporter, baker, and substance abuse prevention specialist. He also spent his teenage years working on the farm his father and grandfather managed.

This website is the next big step in Ethan’s journey as an author, and he’s pretty darned excited about the whole thing. He’s very glad you stopped by to read his work and hopes you’ll come back soon.

(All opinions expressed on ethandezotelle.com are the writer’s own and do not represent any person, business, or interdimensional being associated with him.)