Shocked and Disappointed

A common refrain I’m seeing on social media and hearing elsewhere is how shocked and disappointed people are by the people they thought they knew.

Family. Friends. Neighbors.

“They’re hoarding toilet paper? How stupid!” 

“She doesn’t need to buy that much food. I thought she was more considerate of others.” 

“He’s so young. Why is he buying that many cleaning supplies. The elderly need those more than he does. It’s disappointing to see that sort of thing happen.”

“I thought I knew them better than that.”

Yeah. I know the feeling. It takes me back to waking up the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016. It wasn’t a dream. People I thought would know better had elected that guy President of the United States. But somewhere along the way, they’ll catch on and turn against him. 

Every morning since then has been a repeated sensation of shock and disappointment.

“They employ illegal immigrants. Why aren’t they speaking out against family separations?”

“That stuff the President said yesterday was blatantly racist and/or sexist and/or homophobic and/or xenophobic and/or … How can she still support the guy?”

“POTUS said COVID-19 is a hoax. I thought that’d be the final straw for this one guy I know, but somehow it wasn’t.”

“I thought I knew them better than that.”

Fear makes people do crazy things. That won’t change. 

And while I hope everyone gets the toilet paper they need, I guess I’d rather have someone hoarding Charmin than turning a blind eye to  things like mocking the disabled, encouraging pussy grabbing, and placing the interests of the elite over the good of the country.

 Maybe that’s just my own fear talking, though. Because I’m terrified that we’re running out of chances to turn this sinking ship around.

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