Nineteen Kiddos

Nineteen kiddos aren’t being jostled out of bed this morning. They aren’t rubbing their eyes, complaining for just a few more minutes of sleep. They aren’t grumbling as they stumble into the bathroom.

Nineteen kiddos aren’t getting dressed this morning. They aren’t leaving their pajamas in the middle of the bedroom floor for someone else to pick up. They aren’t putting on socks that don’t match.

Nineteen kiddos aren’t having breakfast this morning. They aren’t asking for extra Lucky Charms. They aren’t spilling orange juice on the table.

Nineteen kiddos aren’t waiting for the school bus this morning. They aren’t running late. They aren’t getting there early.

Nineteen kiddos aren’t running into their classrooms this morning. They aren’t raising hell when they should be doing their morning work. They aren’t being distracted by their friends.

Nineteen kiddos aren’t the first. And they won’t be the last. They all deserved better.

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