Three Things, Day 11: Mr. Fixit, Light in the Darkness & Quiet

Gratitude #1:
I fixed the dryer!

Thibault’s Appliances called this morning, a few hours ahead of the storm, letting me know the parts were in. Alison and I drove down to pick them up. About 45 minutes ago, I ventured into the basement and had the dryer fixed and put back together in less than half an hour.

It runs and everything. And I only swore twice.

Gratitude #2:
After we were done at Thibault’s, Alison suggested a short trip up Route 7 to Revival Antiques & Collectibles in Swanton. Revival is a fun spot to visit, with several vendors selling a variety of furniture, books, dishes, and other fun stuff in an old barn that’s been rehabbed. We are the furthest thing from Black Friday shoppers, so Revival was exactly our speed.

Last year during the long pandemic summer, Alison and I remodeled our kitchen, doubling our counter space and creating a baking area. We were thrilled with how it turned out, but the baking corner lacked good lighting. We’ve looked all over the place for something, but with a low ceiling and no desire to hardwire wall-mounted lighting, there weren’t many options.

As we got ready to leave Revival, though, something caught our eye. It was a hanging, single-bulb light made from an old, industrial, Hobart mixer whisk. I might have squealed when I saw it.

Now it’s hanging in the baking corner of our kitchen, throwing off warm light and adding a bit more flavor to the kitchen’s overall aesthetic. I’m looking forward to my first baking project with that amazing creation hanging above me. Gotta eat through some leftovers first, though …

Gratitude #3:
It’s so quiet right now.

I’m sitting on my spot on the couch, with Ziti sitting next to me, watching snow flakes fall against the gathering darkness as an allegedly big storm begins, and Alison is in her spot at the other end of the couch, curled up and reading. The warm glow from that new light shines gently onto Alison, revealing some of her gentle features. The only sound is my typing and the clicking of wood pellets getting fed into the burn pot of our pellet stove. 

If this was all we did this winter, that would be just fine.

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