A Call For Support

There are milestones in life that we automatically designate as “joyful,” but sometimes those things don’t turn out as expected. We’ve certainly learned that over the past year and a half as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted weddings, reunions, graduations, and so many more big events that were supposed to be happy times.

I recently learned of a family dealing with its own joyful time that took a turn for the worst. It’s not pandemic-related, but it’s just as heartbreaking, and unlike the spread of the COVID-19 virus, there really wasn’t anything that could be done to prevent what happened.

A friend here in town reached out to me this past weekend, wondering if I’d help her write a letter to the local newspapers. Her grandson’s wife was in a coma, having suffered an amniotic fluid embolism during childbirth. The extended family planned to raise money to help out, and she wanted to spread the word. The letter we put together follows: 

Shane Hoy and Julianna Luper Hoy

Dear community,
I am writing to ask for your support for my grandson and his young family following a medical tragedy.

My grandson, Shane Hoy, is originally from Richford, as is his wife, Julianna Luper Hoy. They met in fifth grade and eventually became high school sweethearts. After college, they married and had a daughter. A few years ago they moved to Ashford, AZ., and last winter they received the happy news that they would be having a second child.

Shane is the son of Rick and Julie Desautels, and Julianna is the daughter of Valerie and Martin Bowen.

On Aug. 5, Julianna gave birth to little Joseph “Joey” Alexander Kane Hoy. He was born healthy and happy. However, tragedy struck during childbirth, and Julianna remains in a coma due to an extremely rare amniotic fluid embolism.

This type of embolism occurs when the fluid surround an infant in utero gets into the mother’s bloodstream. This causes extensive blood clotting in the mother’s lungs, as well as blood vessels.

Doctors do not know how long Julianna will remain in the coma, nor do they know how much damage has been done by the embolism. Julianna was technically dead at one point, and it is a miracle that she is still will us.

Shane and Julianna’s family wish to move her to Dallas, TX, to be closer to her parents so that she can have a greater level of support and care. This move will involve special medical care that is not covered by insurance, and it is an expense that the family cannot cover.

A gofundme campaign has been created, and donations can be made by going to gofundme.com and searching for “Support for the Hoy Family.” Any amount that can be given is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Ginette Desautels

In the most literal sense, I cannot begin to imagine what this family is experiencing right now. It’s beyond words. So I’ll let Ginette’s letter be enough. 

Other than to reiterate that, if you are able, I hope you’ll help out with whatever amount is appropriate to you and your own situation. You can go directly to the Hoy Family fundraiser by clicking here.

This $16,000 goal is only the beginning of this young family’s needs. 

It will get Julianna where she needs to be for the best care and support, but the likelihood of her waking from this coma and being the person she used to be is slim. The days, weeks, months, and years ahead will not be easy, and the show of support that family, friends, and strangers give now will provide emotional sustenance to Shane, the kids, and their loved ones. And if, like me, you’re prone to believing there’s more to all this than just what we can see, hear, and feel, you’ll likely agree that it’ll sustain Julianna, too.

Thanks for helping this young family out. And if you’re not able to help financially at this time, thanks for taking the time to read this and keeping Julianna, Shane, and the kids in your heart in whatever way you do. 

Take care, and let the people in your life know you love them.

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