Care Package for Friday, July 9, 2021

A Week In Alabama (Day 7)

Poetry: Nocturne of the Wharves by Arna Bontemps
All night they whine upon their ropes and boom
against the dock with helpless prows:
these little ships that are too worn for sailing
front the wharf but do not rest at all.
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Lyrical: Keep On Smilin’ by Wet Willie
Keep on smilin’ through the rain, laughin’ at the pain/Rollin’ with the changes ’til the sun comes out again

Art: Thornton Dial’s The End of November: The Birds That Didn’t Learn How to Fly

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Quote: “Maybe crazy is what they call anybody who’s got magic in them after they’re no longer a child.” – Robert McCammon

Recipe: Southern-Style Strawberry Cobbler

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Anywhere But Here: The Hodges Meteorite, Tuscaloosa, AL

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