Care Package for Sunday, April 18, 2021

Poetry: How to Lift Him by Ed Madden
Don’t pick him up by the pits,
which seems easiest. You risk
broken bones, bruised skin.
instead, once he’s eased up, sits,
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Lyrical: Thoughts and Prayers by Drive-By Truckers
When my children’s eyes look at me and they ask me to explain/It hurts me that I have to look away/The powers that be are in for shame and comeuppance/When Generation Lockdown has their day

Art: Vessel stand with ibex support

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Quote: “To paraphrase several sages: nobody can think and hit someone at the same time.” – Susan Sontag

Recipe: Rosemary Cheddar Cheese Bread

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Anywhere But Here: Budj Bim Cultural Landscape, Heywood, Australia

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