Care Package for Monday, April 5, 2021

Poetry: The Sea and the Skylark by Gerard Manley Hopkins
On ear and ear two noises too old to end
    Trench – right, the tide that ramps against the shore;
    With a flood or a fall, low lull-off or all roar,
Frequenting there while moon shall wear and wend.
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Lyrical: Coming Up Close by ’Til Tuesday
Out in the distance/I could hear some people laughing/I feel my heart beat back/A weekend’s worth of sadness

Art: Wu Bin’s The Sixteen Luohans

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Quote: “It’s my rule never to lose my temper till it would be detrimental to keep it.” – Sean O’Casey

Recipe: Absolutely No-Knead Crusty-Chewy Bread

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Anywhere But Here: St. Elmo Ghost Town, Nathrop, CO

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