Gift Card Giveaway!

Many thanks to Phoenix Books for supporting
the virtual scavenger hunt.

I’m giving away three $25 gift cards to Phoenix Books (including one generously donated by Phoenix Books), one of my favorite independent bookstores here in Vermont.

Below are 12 questions, and their answers can be found in my blog posts. Think of it as a virtual scavenger hunt.

Each question (except the first, which is a gimme) includes a bolded term(s) to enter into’s search bar. From there, the answers are fairly easy to find. Some questions involve more than one post, and they are clearly indicated.

Here are the questions, and be sure to keep reading below to find out how to send me your answers and learn a bit more about how all this will work


1. What is my name?

2. What were the names of my two Pekingese? (Two posts)

3. What classic pop-rock song was in the Top Ten on Friday, June 22, 1984?

4. What is the name of the main character in The Comfort Rock Chronicles, and what cartoon character did she dress as on Halloween?

5. In the letter I wrote to my late grandfather – entitled Dear Grandpa, what did I recall hearing his voice telling me?

6. Name 5 books that I have written about in my annual Thanksreading series. (Multiple posts)

7. List 3 Alan Watts quotes I have shared on the blog. (Multiple posts … possibly)

8. What is the pasta-based name of the pit bull/pointer mix my family adopted this past September?

9. Who was my editor at The Stowe Reporter?

10. Name two Trinity College writers/professors who were influential in my development as a writer. (Two posts)

11. What are the 8 pieces of advice that I shared with my daughter and other readers in An Unsolicited Commencement Address To the Graduating Class of 2020?

12. What is the quote from the very first Care Package I put together on March 1, 2019, and what are two categories I had back then that I don’t use in the current version of the Care Package? (Two posts for comparison)

After you’ve completed the scavenger hunt, you can send your answers to me by going to and submitting them. And that’s it.

Anyone can join this scavenger hunt, whether you’re a subscriber or not. However, if you’ve subscribed to my blog or decide to before the contest ends on Feb. 28, 2021, you’ll have a chance to win all three gift cards. If you’re not subscribed and win a gift card, your name gets removed from the other two drawings. But if you’re subscribed and win a gift card, your name goes back in for the other drawings.

I’ll pick and notify winners by March 31, 2021. It’ll be earlier than that, most likely. If I get a ton of responses, though, it’ll take a little time. I’m a one-man show here, and I’m running for a select board seat that’s up for vote in early March, so the month might be a bit busier than usual if things work out.

I’m aware that Phoenix Books gift certificates cannot be used through their website, so if you win and aren’t nearby, I’ll work out details with you for picking out books and getting them to you. Geography isn’t an issue. I’ll make it work.

Thanks, and have fun!

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