A Very Weird Christmas Care Package for Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020

We’re well into the holiday season, and it’s already one of the weirdest we’ve ever experienced. If you don’t know why, consider yourself lucky. Instead of resisting the bizarre atmosphere we’re living through, I figured, why not lean into it and have some fun? Christmas has long been a secret haven of the strange, and I’ll share some of that here as we make our way to Dec. 25. Enjoy!

A Christmas Carol?: Merry Christmas Santa Clause (You’re a Lovely Guy) by Max Headroom

It’s Either This or Figgy Pudding: Olive-Cheese Porcupine

Photo credit: missminamurray.wordpress.com

A Very Special Christmas Special: X-Men: Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas

No, Santa! Don’t!!!: The Incredible Hulk #378

Photo credit: marvel.com

Holiday Schlock: A Karate Christmas Miracle

Christmas Wrapping: 

Photo credit: pinterest.com

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