Care Package for Monday, Nov. 16, 2020

November is Native American Heritage Month. Care Packages between now and Nov. 30 will be dedicated to the culture and achievements of Native Americans.

Poetry: Peace Path by Heid E. Erdrich
This path our people walked
one hundred two hundred       endless years
since the tall grass opened for us
and we breathed the incense that sun on prairie
                                                        offers to sky
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Song In My Head: All My Relations by Ulali

Art: Awa Tsireh’s Skunks

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Quote: “For us, the world was full of beauty; for the other, it was a place to be endured until he went to another world. But we were wise. We knew the man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard.” – Chief Luther Standing Bear

Recipe: Metis Bannock

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Anywhere But Here: Ocmulgee National Park & Preserve, Macon, GA

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