I Love You One Thousand

The post you just started reading is my one thousandth on ethandezotelle.com

That’s 1,000 posts in just a little over two years. 

I’m hard pressed to think of anything I’ve ever done a thousand times in two years. Reading a thousand comic books in two years? Sure. And then some. Drinking a thousand cups of coffee in two years? Easy. Way easy. Engaging in anxious behavior that probably wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t drink so much coffee? Absolutely. Maybe I’ve done that a thousand times today.


I spent the past few weeks trying to figure out what this post was going to be. I was leaning toward tracking down someone really cool to interview, maybe finding another blogger to collaborate with, something like that. Or maybe just keep it business as usual and not even acknowledge it. I wondered if maybe I should dedicate the milestone post to one of the ideas I’ve had percolating in my head for a few weeks (months?).

Then work got busy, and I found myself with only a few days to do whatever I was going to do. I got called in to work on my day off Tuesday, and yesterday and today have been hectic. 

So what will the thousandth post be? 

Well, it’s this.

Nothing grand or ground-breaking. No double-sized anniversary issue. Certainly nothing featuring anyone cool. Just plain ol’ me.

But it’s a me (Mario?) who is so appreciative of all the support I’ve received from you up to this point. A me who is humbled by the people who show up every day to spend some time reading what I put together. And a me who has very nearly given up on the blog – and writing in general – a few times, only to hear from someone who says thanks and that the Care Packages, essays, reflections, and stories helped them out in some small way. Which keeps me going.

I don’t know what the next 1,000 posts will bring. Lighter fare, I hope. Celebratory imagery and language built on hope, possibility, and innovation. Maybe even an announcement of some of my work being presented in a different form of media. Maybe.

Whatever the thousand pieces that lay ahead have to say, I hope you stick around to read them. After all, wherever you are, whoever you are, I’m writing them for you.

And I love you one thousand.

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