Small Blog, Big Things

I spent a bit of time this morning taking stock of where things stand here at What I discovered blew my mind, and it’s worth sharing.

In short, this blog has turned into much more than I ever expected it would.

We’re quickly approaching the blog’s two-year anniversary. It’s less than a month away on Oct. 13, which is wild, and in itself is reason enough for me to feel like I’m doing something right here. But wait! There’s more.

By Oct. 13 (and maybe before), I’ll be sharing my 1000th post. No guarantees, but I’m trying to come up with something special for that entry. It could be anything at this point. We’ll see …

Something else coming up soon is the blog hitting 400 subscribers. When that happens, I’ll post a contest to give away two book store gift certificates, one that’s available to everyone and one that’s available exclusively to subscribers. That means if you’re a subscriber, you’ll have two chances to win. The blog is only 43 subscribers away from 400, so hop on it right away!

Finally, last night, passed a big milestone. My blog officially tripled the number of views it had for the entirety of 2019. Even more interesting, doubled its 2019 views back in July, which means I just had an entire year’s worth of views in roughly two months.

This is incredibly flattering and humbling. Nearly 25,000 views in nine months of stuff I’m putting out in the world is pretty small potatoes to most blogs, I think, but for me, it’s an intensely bright spot in my life. It also makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing here, keeping on with my writing and Care Packages and Dates With History and sharing them with others.

Thanks for sticking with me through everything, and I look forward to the things we’ll share in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

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