A Contest Announcement and a Bit of Accountability

There’s no way to start this piece that doesn’t sound trite and/or hacky.

“Life’s been crazy, and I haven’t kept up with blah blah blah.”

“Things are hard, and so many unexpected changes in my life blah blah blah.”

“In these trying times …” *writer stabs self in eye*

Anyway, I haven’t dedicated enough (in lots of cases, any) time to writing these past few weeks. There are plenty of excuses, but they’re not worth going into. Though there are some good stories in those excuses, and I’d like to get around to sharing those.

I’m getting back to daily writing (not necessarily daily posting; that depends on what I write and whether I want to share it), and I’m putting that out to the world here as a way of holding myself accountable. In fact, I also need to get back to daily yoga, so I’ll mention that here, too. Feel free to ask me if I’m keeping up with these daily practices. Light a fire (metaphorically) under my butt.

As I rededicate myself to writing and better self-care practices, I’m also working toward improving ethandezotelle.com. At the same time, I’m approaching 400 followers, so to celebrate the coming changes and the growing following, I’ll hold a blog-based scavenger hunt once follower 400 comes along. There’ll be a couple of great prizes for two winners, as well.

So if you’re not following my blog, make sure you click the “FOLLOW” button. The only notifications you’ll receive are emails that tell you there’s a new post. That’s it.

To recap: I’m back to writing and doing yoga every day. Feel free to bug me about it. And once the blog gets to 400 followers, there will be a blog-based scavenger hunt and a couple of great prizes.

Now, because you’ve been so great and read all the way to the end, here’s a photo of one of the reasons I haven’t been writing much lately. Take care.

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