Been a few days since I wrote one of these. I need to be more consistent. Looking for silver linings is a huge mood booster, and we all need those more than ever now.

Yesterday Alison and I worked out in the front yard for about three hours. 

It was around 52 degrees and sunny, with evidence of spring’s life-giving powers everywhere. Crocuses of white and purple and yellow were open wide. Green-tipped buds beaded the ends of branches on the lilac bushes. And daffodils swelled at their tips, ready to burst open in vibrant yellow at any time.

Our shade garden on the north side of the house was a mess at the start of the day, filled with dead leaves and other detritus. The crushed-stone walkway was uneven and ruptured in spots. And here and there, there was no clear delineation between between the garden beds and the path.

By the time Al was done, it was a work of art, like so much of what she does. 

I raked stone from our lawn back onto the neighbor’s driveway, edged the sidewalk that passes by our house, and trimmed the potentilla bushes in our eastern and southern flower beds. As I worked, I caught up on podcasts I haven’t listened to in a few weeks. It was comforting to reconnect with the hosts if iFanboy and A Funny Feeling. I was dreading the transition from episodes recorded before everything happened and after, but I ended up feeling less alone as I listened.

Sally, our Pekingese, spent the first hour or so outside with us. She turns 15 this month, but she hasn’t developed any ability over those years to not get tangled around stones, steps, and stems. It’s annoying, but I also love that she’s still a furry goofball. 

When we were done, Al sat on the front steps and relaxed in her faded blue overalls. I told her she reminded me of Lola Granola, Opus the Penguin’s hippy girlfriend from the Bloom County comic strip. I got that patient, loving smile I always receive from her when I say something that has no real bearing on reality. Things like, “This is like that scene in Birdemic …” or “Doesn’t this remind you of that issue of Booster Gold when …”

After our work was done, we went inside and took a nap. Exactly that much was right in the world, and for the time being, it was enough.

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