A TOUCH OF SILVER: Empty Pockets

I’ve been doing a pretty decent job of staying on a “normal” daily routine. 

Get up, drink coffee and put together the day’s Care Package, do yoga, take a shower, get dressed in regular clothes, and start the day. But there’s part of that process that’s the slightest bit different, and I really like it.

My pants pockets are consistently empty. I’ve got no use for the stuff I used to lug around every single day, and it’s a sort of freedom I never knew existed.

Here’s a rundown:
• Car keys: Not going anywhere.
• Wallet: Not driving, so I don’t need my license. Not buying anything, so I don’t need my debit card. U.S./Canadian border’s closed, so I don’t need that Canadian $5 bill I’ve had for over a year.
• ID badge: Temporarily laid off, so what’s the point?
• Pen: I’m home. I know where the pens are.
• iPhone: I’ll bring it if I go for a walk and want to take pictures.
• Little orange worry stone with a bat totem carved in it: Frankly, if I carried this with me right now, it would be worn down after one day.

Part of my old routine was emptying my pockets when I changed from my work clothes into comfy sweats. When I did that a few minutes ago, I was struck by the lack of contents, and it was great. 

Silver linings show up in the weirdest places.

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