Time Off

It’s almost noon, and I promised myself I would spend the afternoon not doing a dang thing that involves writing, the blog, social media, or the news. 

I guess this is mostly a reminder that you should be taking time off during all of this, too. If you’re laid off, furloughed, making the difficult choice to stay home unpaid … none of that means you’re not working. 

We’re all working right now. Figuring out our way through this mess, and that’s hard work. 

Remember that scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter takes a toll. You might be laying in bed while you do it, but it’s mentally draining as a rule, and that’s more true than ever these days. Turn it off and go for a walk, read a book, or watch something stupid that doesn’t contribute to anything other than letting your relax for a bit.

If you’re sheltering in place with a partner or your family, play a card game or Candyland or Uncle Wiggly. Not Monopoly, though. Nothing good ever comes from that. Cook a meal together. Sit around and talk about farting. Whatever. It’s all good.

Take the afternoon off if you can. If you feel guilty for closing everything out, do it in the name of someone who can’t. Do it for a nurse or a doctor or a grocery store clerk or a mail carrier or a truck driver or some other essential worker.

Take time off. Take care of you.

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