A TOUCH OF SILVER: Springing To Life

I’ve secretly dreaded the arrival of April for a while now.

Last year, that month ushered in unseasonably cold, wintery weather; a tough transition professionally; and the beginning of a nearly-five-month-long bout of depression. Any worries I had about personal history repeating have been replaced by a general sense of apocalyptic, existential dread, which, if nothing else, is an interesting change.

One of the silver linings today, though, is the long-term weather forecast ‘round these parts. Not that you can count on a long-term weather forecast for much, but any port in a storm, right?

It’s looking like temperatures are going to be at least seasonal over the next few weeks in northern Vermont, and that puts a smile on my face. Temperatures in the mid-40s and up are warm enough for me to go for walks without grumbling, do some yard work, and write on the porch. Plus, it saves on wood pellets, which we’re almost out of.

Here are a few other natural touches of silver that are lifting my spirits.

Leaf buds are appearing on trees. The downside is that maple buds mean the sap stops running, but the green foliage will be a welcome sight.

Daffodil shoots today in my backyard.

Shoots of daffodils are poking up. They’re already all over the place. We have about an acre of land, which used to be entirely lawn. Since we moved in, we let about a third of it go wild every year. Patches of daffodils are creating a beautiful patchwork of color in the sea of last year’s untrimmed grass. There are also circles of lily, iris, and peony shoots appearing in our flower gardens, along with something I can’t remember the name of.

A Sysco truck driver just passed by with his cab window down. We began our shelter-in-place order yesterday afternoon at 5. Most of us aren’t going anywhere. But for those who have no choice, at least they can enjoy the fresh air colder weather wouldn’t allow.

Last year we planted some baby Scotch pines we got from the Arbor Day Foundation. They grew a lot over the winter, which I didn’t realize was an option for trees, and I’m excited to watch them really take off as the temperatures rise. 

Finally, my wife started a bunch of seeds yesterday. Gardening is underway in our study, and that’s got me thinking of the fresh fruits and vegetables we can enjoy a few months from now. It’s good to have things to look forward to. Especially right now.

It’ll still be a bit before the weather is consistently warm enough to let me pass the days raking out flower gardens and prepping our raised beds, but we’ll get there.At least I think we will.

How ‘bout you? What are the touches of silver in your life? I’d love hear about them, so share in the comments below or email me at oldcrookedhouse@gmail.com.

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