A TOUCH OF SILVER: Ethan’s Got Talent(ed Friends)

I took a nap early this afternoon. When I woke up, the ground was coated in early-spring snow. We’re not getting as much in northern Vermont as folks are in the southern part of the state, but it adds a layer of dreariness to a pre-existing bummer situation.

Scrolling through social media timelines a little while ago, I was hit by a glint of a silver lining. Quite a few actually, and they really cheered me up. I put my phone down and remembered that the silver linings I was vibing off of were also in my own house. 

Now I’ll share those touches of silver with you. Allow me to introduce you to some (but not all; I’ll do this again, though) of my talented friends …

1. Alison: Alison is my amazing, multi-talented wife. Painting, photography, sculpture, doll-making, illustration … she’s a multi-threat. Right now she’s working on a new, clay creation. It’s really something to see her work. 

Here’s her work-in-progress, as well as an earlier piece she made.

Photo credit: Ethan Dezotelle
Photo credit: Alison Dezotelle

2. Susan: Susan is my sister-in-law. She draws from the same wellspring of talent as her sister. Like Alison, Susan is a Swiss army knife of artistic expression, and when they’re together, they’re a ticking time bomb of creative talent.

This is a photograph of hers from earlier this winter, along with one of her earlier works.

Photo credit: Susan Warner
Photo credit: Susan B. Warner

3. Troy: Troy is a singer/songwriter and all-around awesome friend. You can find a profile I wrote about him here. This past winter, I got to see him perform live at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT, and he put on a hell of a show. He just had to put a tour on hold because of the pandemic we’re dealing with, but he tells me he’s using this time to work on new material and come out the other side of this swinging. (Did I mention we’re starting a podcast together, too? Because we are, and the first episode is uploading soon!)

Check out these videos of Troy from that Higher Ground performance I mentioned earlier.

4. Amber: Amber is a painter who works primarily in acrylics. She approaches a wide variety of subjects with the skill and confidence of a painter well beyond her years. Amber often does live streaming of her work, putting herself out there in a way I lack the confidence for.

Here are two very recent piece that Amber created for the Vermont Maple Festival. The festival is cancelled because of COVID-19, but these pieces belong on someone’s walls.

Waffle by Amber Rae Harvey
Maple Process by Amber Ray Harvey

Anyway, that’s a quick introduction to a few of the talented individuals I’m fortunate to know. I’ll be back with more at another time.

Who are your talented silver linings? Let me know in the comments below, or email me at oldcrookedhouse@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to share them.

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