Shelf Life for February 2020

Books Read

Books Bought/Found/Given to Me

February is traditionally the nadir of my energy level, creativity, and interest in doing much of anything. There was no exception to this rule in 2020.

I started reading a new book and continued reading a couple of others, but there wasn’t a lot of progress made. I also made it a goal to not add any new books to my collection last month, especially considering I’ve been reading less than usual this year. I was surprised to discover on Leap Day that I was successful in this endeavor. 

So what did I do in February? Not much. 

I mostly listened to podcasts and rewatched Best of the Worst, a series on YouTube that dissects terrible movies. I enjoy the hell out of that show, and it was a month-long feast of cultural comfort food for me. (I’ll include one of the best episodes at the end of this piece.)

I expect that in the days ahead, I’ll have a hell of a lot of time for reading, so the next edition of Shelf Life will be more bountiful than this one, unless we’re living in some sort of Mad Max scenario by then. At this point I’m not ruling out anything.

If you’re engaged in social distancing right now, I hope you have some great books to curl up with to pass the time. If you’re spending this time with loved ones, take some time not just to read to yourself, but also to each other. It’s a great way to share literature and provide comfort to one another.

Be safe.

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