People Who …

People who leave their families’ Thanksgiving dinners to line up outside Wal-Mart for Black Friday shopping are calling out other people for buying too much toilet paper.

People who swarmed gun shops to buy firearms before President Scary Black Man and Mean Bossy Lady took them away are telling other people they are being ridiculous for buying extra hand sanitizer.

People who did not bat an eyelash when refugee families were being separated are talking about making a run for it if their little part of the world gets infected.

People who didn’t see what all the fuss was about when South By Southwest was cancelled are pretty dang pissed that their sports ball games aren’t happening anymore.

People who can’t figure out why other people needed to speak out about issues of social justice are sure as hell making their own opinions heard now.

People who say they don’t care about politics and aren’t affected by them are suddenly very certain of how much all of this “panic” is motived by politics.

People who tell you not to come over if you have a cold are pretty certain now that life should continue as normal because this is “basically like the flu.”

People who suggest this is all a big, secret conspiracy laugh at the idea that this is being mishandled terribly in plain sight, in real time, from the Oval Office.

People who still don’t accept that there were never WMDs in Iraq are certain that this is one big lie.

People … are people.

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