COMING SOON: What the World Needs Now podcast

I love podcasts. So much. It’s probably the form of media I consume the most often.

A few years ago, I had dreams of putting together a podcast of my own, but I lacked the resources and self-confidence to do much with the idea. Over time, I moved on and let the dream drift off into the ether.

About a month and a half ago, my synapses recovered the dream (that’s how synapses work, right?), but I blew it off. I’m trying to get my novel ready for agent review, I’ve got the blog, and what did I have to offer for a podcast, anyway? There’s a million of ’em out there.

But the thought kept bugging me.

A few days ago, my pal Troy Millette texted me late in the afternoon as I was making dinner.

“You ever think about doing a podcast? I think you’d be good at it.”

I thanked him and said I had, but it wasn’t something that was in the offing. But also that if I were to do one, he’d be a great choice as a partner. Talented. Funny. Charming as all get-out.

I moved on, made dinner, and ate. By the time I’d finished doing dishes, I had an idea for the podcast. I texted him, he loved the concept, and two days from now we’re recording the first episode.

Life is funny and weird. Hopefully the podcast will be, too.

What the World Needs Now with Troy Millette & Ethan Dezotelle is a free-wheeling podcast hosted by two guys with beards who decided there was just enough room for one more podcast hosted by two guys with beards.

Each episode of What the World Needs Now features casual conversation between the hosts and occasional guests, built around a piece of culture that Troy or Ethan thinks is good for the world. That’s just the beginning of each show, though, and where it goes from there, no one can say. Least of all Troy and Ethan.

Sometimes funny, sometimes profound, sometimes irreverent, always entertaining. Don’t miss an episode of What the World Needs Now with Troy Millette & Ethan Dezotelle.

About the hosts

Troy Millette

Troy Millette is a singer/songwriter from Fairfax, VT. His debut EP, Living With a Ghost, was released in February 2019 to much critical acclaim. He has opened for acts including Grace Potter, Trey Anastasio, and Counting Crows, among many others. Troy can be found performing his powerful original songs and imaginative covers of popular favorites at popular Vermont music venues including Higher Ground, as well as other locales around the northeast. Learn more about Tory at

Ethan Dezotelle

Ethan Dezotelle is an aspiring author from Franklin, VT. He is currently revising the manuscript for his first novel and runs a blog that features short stories, personal essays, and more. Ethan is a former editor and reporter for the weekly The County Courier newspaper, as well as a reporter at The Stowe Reporter. His writing has garnered awards from the Vermont Press Association and the New England Press Association. Ethan is a member of the League of Vermont Writers. His work can be found at

Troy and Ethan met through their day jobs as autism behavior interventionists and quickly developed a friendship that transcended space, time, and reason. They are excited to enter the pulse-pounding world of podcasting and can’t wait to share their thoughts with you.

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