World Tour 2019

The first week of 2020 has taken about two-and-a-half years to go by. And the general sense I get is that we’re staring down the barrel of some downright ornery days, weeks, months, and maybe even years to come.

I hate to be a pessimist, but the headlines cropping up over the past hour haven’t done much to brighten my perspective. So instead of looking ahead, I want to take a minute to turn and see what the last year was like for my blog.

The year 2019 was the first full calendar year of operation for, and looking back on the stats that’ve been collected, it’s pretty cool to see the reach my work has had. I know it’s called the world wide web for a reason, but I never expected that the stuff I share would have the mileage it does. I’m but a simple, Vermont farm boy, and this is all pretty mind-blowing to my simple, corn pone brain.

It’s a nice remember at a tough time that no matter what narrow-minded nonsense is being spoon-fed to us, we are, in fact, all connected, and we have more in common than we do that’s different. 

Check out the numbers below, and then keep scrolling for a little celebratory treat.

United States 61.25%
India 8.68%
United Kingdom 5.07%
Canada 4.75%
Russia 2.38%
Germany 2.21%
Sweden 1.55%
Portugal 1.42%
Pakistan 1.31%
Australia 1.30%
Singapore 1.18%
Romania 1.14%
Ireland 1.11%
Thailand 0.79%
Qatar 0.66%
South Africa 0.65%
Spain 0.62%
Croatia 0.44%
Philippines 0.44%
Ukraine 0.44%
Czech Republic 0.42%
Egypt 0.27%
Mexico 0.25%
Brazil 0.23%
Indonesia 0.21%
Netherlands 0.21%
Nigeria 0.20%
South Korea 0.20%
France 0.18%
Kenya 0.14%
Turkey 0.11%
Finland 0.11%
Uruguay 0.11%
Morocco 0.08%
Greece 0.08%
New Zealand 0.07%
Japan 0.07%
United Arab Emirates 0.07%
Ghana 0.07%
Switzerland 0.06%
Italy 0.06%
Sri Lanka 0.06%
Lithuania 0.06%
China 0.06%
Hong Kong SAR China 0.06%
Vietnam 0.06%
Belize 0.06%
Nepal 0.06%
Slovakia 0.06%
Dominica 0.03%
Saudi Arabia 0.03%
Malaysia 0.03%
Lebanon 0.03%
Barbados 0.03%
Hungary 0.03%
Serbia 0.03%
Denmark 0.01%
Austria 0.01%
Costa Rica 0.01%
Bulgaria 0.01%
Argentina 0.01%
Iraq 0.01%
Macedonia 0.01%
Zimbabwe 0.01%
Uganda 0.01%
Jamaica 0.01%
Kuwait 0.01%
Belgium 0.01%
Bangladesh 0.01%
Mauritius 0.01%
Rwanda 0.01%
Azerbaijan 0.01%
Slovenia 0.01%
Montenegro 0.01%

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