Thanks for a Great Week!

Holy cats!

I just had the busiest week so far at, and April is already looking like the best month to date, as well. I owe it all to you wonderful readers.

Your support and dedication are appreciated more than you’ll ever know. I’m working on the blog in the midst of family stuff, a full-time job, and revisions on my first novel. All my writing is done with stolen time and whatever paper or computer is closest to me at any given time.

Knowing there are readers out there – people I’ve never met in places I’ve never been – interested in my work keeps me going, and having a week like the one that just ended is a huge morale booster.

Anyway, thanks again. I hope you keep coming back for more, and if you can, please spread the word about on your social media feeds, word of mouth, or however else you prefer.

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