Stand in the Place Where You Write

Last weekend my family went into downtown St. Albans, VT, to support Small Business Saturday. We couldn’t care less about the madness of Black Friday, and we’ll take pretty much any excuse to support local businesses.

In addition to shopping at great places like The Eloquent Page, As the Crow Flies, and Moonshadows, we discovered that Vintage Vibe, a wonderful vintage/antique shop, had returned after disappearing from Main Street a while back. Now on Center Street, right next to Evelyne’s Fine Foods, Vintage Therapy is currently open on Saturdays through the holiday season, but I hope it becomes a long-term set-up.

The little showroom has a super-chill atmosphere and is filled with all sorts of great stuff that’s reasonably priced. Chances are, you’ll leave with something you didn’t know you needed. At least, that’s what happened to me one week ago.

Over near the cash register, I was looking over a typewriter. I definitely don’t need one, but I always enjoy them when I find them. Then I noticed what the typewriter was sitting on. I didn’t know what it was, but as I stood in front of the display, I realized that it was a perfect standing desk for a laptop. And on the opposite side of the stepladder-type frame, there was another platform that made a great spot for typing from a seated position.

Whatever it was, I bought it for $28 and brought it home. A quick Google search based on a couple of stickers on the metal contraption revealed that I’d purchased an old-school classroom film projector stand. A vintage Negema Bussum Holland projector stand made in 1959 in Germany, to be precise.

I had to modify the standing work area a bit to ensure that my laptop doesn’t slide, as the platform was built at a slight angle to help project films onto a screen back in the day. Other than that, it was a quick transition from being stationary and sitting for hours on end to being mobile and having the option to stand or sit. The lower platform on the opposite side of the frame is also great for keeping reference books, notebooks, and, of course, a cup of coffee nearby.

My new workspace is completely collapsible and weights only a few pounds. I can set up in front of any window in the house, out on the front porch in warm weather, or even out in the backyard. I can even bring it with me when I travel. 

This is the first piece I’ve written from my standing desk, and it’s a great experience. As I type from the middle of my kitchen, I can see out the kitchen window, the front door window, and one of the living room windows. It’s a nice change in perspective, and that’s always great for writing.

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