Black Lives Matter/Antiracism Resources

The following is a list of resources related to the Black Lives Matter movement and the anti-racist revolution against systemic white supremacy. I have placed resources related to emergent needs at the top of the list, with more general resources shared further down, with various articles and other pieces linked below that. What I’ve put together here is by no means comprehensive and is part of an ongoing process, so if you have resources you would like to see included, please comment below. Thanks.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

Black Lives Matter

Black Mental Health Matters


Fight for Breonna

National Police Accountability Project

National Resource List

Stages of White Identity Development, Resources, and Next Steps

Anti-Racism Resources for White People

Racial Equality Tools

Justice For All

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Emergency Release Fund

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

National Police Accountability Project

Campaign Zero

Organizations recommended by Minnesota Freedom Fund

Guides, Articles, etc …
Black History Month Library

Systemic Racism Explained

The fury in US cities is rooted in a long history of racist policing, violence and inequality

Black Lives Matter: A Reading List

12 Books Written by Black Women That Should Be Required Reading

Guide to Allyship

35 Race-Related Graphic Novels That Should Top Amazon Chart

What To Say When People Deny The Reality Of What’s Happening Right Now (courtesy Dr. Courtney M (@CL_McCluney)

What does it mean to #AbolishThePolice? (courtesy @TravelingNun)

The Racist History of American Police (courtesy @theslacktivists)

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